Day 27

365 Days of My

Today was an adventure. Little Miss began her day by loudly proclaiming after almost twelve hours of sleep, that she was still tired and needed more. I felt her forehead, checked her temperature, felt her throat.  Nope, she was fine and it was Monday… Time for school. Most people have a negative relationship with Monday. Personally as a single mom, I love my Mondays. I rest in the mornings, although this morning I had an appointment. Then I ‘clean up’ the house a little, my mantra is “If it don’t stink and it’s not rotting, the garbage is taken out, everyone has clean underpants and is bathed. Then we’re fine.” I’d rather spend my time with my daughter, who I see a grand total of 3.5 hours before I put her to bed just to repeat it again tomorrow.

When I went to pick her up, she got off the bus in tears. I knelt down and asked her what was wrong, trying to wipe up her tears before they turned to icicles and she got frostbite. She bravely with quivering lip got out through her tears, that she had left Uh-Oh at school.


Uh-Oh is a a cherished member of our family, seriously if we got a family photo Uh-Oh would be front and center. I have braved gale force winds and thunder and lightening to search for Uh-Oh. We needed to rescue Uh-Oh, and in the process go and get Little Miss yet another pair of shoes for school. Third pair this year, they had better last! I knew I was going to be to pooped to really make dinner when we got home, so instead we dined at the fine establishment of McDonalds. This is where I got the shot for today’s posting.


She was playing with her reflection, having a conversation and lamenting how she doesn’t have a twin.


365 Days of Truth: Confessions of a Mad Woman

Today was a long and adventurous day, my brain is not letting all it’s neurons fire. So for today’s confession I thought I would do a few Top 5 lists…

Top Five Fears: 1. Moths. I’ve done a confession on this one already.  2.  What is after death? This one terrifies me. I am religious and have my own beliefs, and yes that should comfort me some… but it doesn’t.  3. Heights. I suffer from extreme vertigo, dizziness, vomiting the whole package. Sadly this was discovered on a very narrow sheep trail pretty high up a steep hill on the Isle of Skye.  4. Loosing my daughter… I think this one needs no explanation.  5.  End of the world talk. Yes this terrifies me and I do not like participating in End of World scenario talks.

Top Five Likes:  1.  Playing video games, although I don’t get to have a lot of time to do this anymore. Although I find video games to be very helpful with more stressful days.  2. The study of Norse religion, mythology and mysticism.  3.  All types of cooking, I am really into trying to learn about historical recipes and cooking techniques.  4.  Camping, has always been a release for me. When I younger I didn’t speak, until my parents took me camping. I came out of my shell in the wilds and I that is still the same today.  5.  Music, I love music I can warble along to as I shake my boo-tay.

Top Five Hardest Things for me to Do: 1.  Take a compliment. I have been known to tell a person to shut up when they were just simply giving me a compliment.  2.  Get dressed, without changing at least 5 times.  3.  Articulate what I wish to say over the Internet. Dude these posts can take up to three hours due to re-writing until my thoughts are clear.   4. Throw away anything with a memory associated to it. I had best take up scrap-booking soon or win the lottery and buy a house.  5.  Not take things personally…

365 Days of Healthy  Living

As we all know I went to McDonalds for dinner. I am not going to talk about the effects of healthy eating, when I had a McDonalds for dinner. Just doesn’t seem right…

However the more I thought about it, the more I felt justified to say this was a ‘Healthy Living’ experience. My daughter and I got to spend time, laughing, talking and being silly. We sang songs as we danced in our seats and had a wonderful night. We were in our own bubble together, no technology, no distractions, just her, I and our hamburgers.

Here is what we were going to have for dinner though. Enjoy!


For more Yummy recipe ideas like this one you can go to:

And now for some bedtime humour…


Found @:


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