Day 28

365 Days of My

When I went to pick up Little Miss from her school bus this afternoon, she was all bright and cheerful. Laughing about how she and some other kids were playing … ‘Fat’ earlier at school.

The Game of Fat… Do exactly what you normally do, but turn your backpacks around on your tummy so you look like you have a belly.

I knelt down and started to tell her the same lines.. “Sweetie making fun of people because of their size…” She cut me off mid-sentence, normally this would have something said about interrupting, but her words were perfectly said. ” We weren’t making fun of fat people. we don’t have tummy’s and we wanted to have one. That’s not bad, right?” Yup, schooled by my on four year old. Why could she not want to have a belly?  I needed to remember at that moment, that although I do not like my body the way it is… I could not let that affect my daughters perceptions of herself. So I laughed “You are right, you weren’t making fun of anyone. Do you think we can find another word to use though instead of Fat?”  We have both now started to say Plump, because it made us giggle to say over and over.

Although my bright eyed girl dulled when we got home. She just lay on the couch and did not move… This was a sign that she was getting under the weather. When she complained of being cold, I knew it was time to take her temperature. 101.9oC!?! She was fine not five minutes before!


Tylenol has been given, many a Popsicle have been consumed for her throat and now she is sleeping with only a fever of 99.1oC.  The schools already been called that she won’t be there, and I am planning an in bed video watching day, after we get back from the doctors.

365 Days of Truth – Confessions of a Mad Woman

Before I start I want to share a few links…

Canada –

United States –

United Kingdom –

and lastly…

Now on to my confession:  I woke up this morning and looked on my Facebook. My newsfeed was covered in Bell ‘Let’s Talk’. Now,  I think Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ is a great idea!! I love that they are helping speak up on a topic that many are still ignorant or turn a blind eye towards. Mental Health and Depression.  I love that the charity raises a lot of money towards helping mental health initiatives and helping people all across Canada.  Here’s what I don’t like though and never have

Why is it, that it takes rock-stars, TV stars, Olympians and hockey players talking about their own experiences with depression and mental health issues publicly before a larger audience will listen? Even then the ‘mass effect’ still only lasts for a few days, and for a few days out of every year it’s alright for people to talk about their depression or mental health issues.

Then the ‘cool’ fades and everyone goes silent again…

Crickets chirruping and tumble weeds rolling by quiet…

Depression and mental health does not just magically come and go for those three days. If it did, I really don’t think Depression and Mental Health would be the issue. No, sadly it’s there for the full 365 days of each and every year.

We need that same kind of motivation for advocating Mental Health issues 365 Days a year and not just one day. We need to let people know it’s okay to talk about the darker places with out fear of dismissal or ridicule.  It needs to be okay to ask for help, before it is to late.  Things need to change and that takes more then just one celebrity filled day.

Mental Health Statistic in Canada
‘In 2012, approximately 2.8 million people, or 10.1% of Canadians aged 15 and older, reported symptoms consistent with at least one of six mental or substance use disorders in the past 12 months.’           

Okay so this was more of a personal rant then confession, but at least I admitted that I disliked something… Yes I am reaching at straws.

Please Note 365 Days of Healthy Living will be postponed til tomorrow when you will get a double dose. It is not easy to be a single mum taking care of a sick mini-me and sometimes you need to cut things out of the plan. Thank you for being understanding!!

Just remember the wisdom the Rex…


Until tomorrow…


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