Day 30

365 Days of My

I was going to talk about stress and stress management tricks for a parent. But, then this happened…


‘ Well in this in this house, They say… A geek mothers heart swelled three sizes this day.’

We have been gifted by the fates a Ps3 and Little Miss had been nagging at me all day to set it up. When I finally set it up and her Uncle P. was here. It was time to play, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Uncle P. was Ironman, and Little Miss chose her favourite, The Hulk. The game was on… She was a natural and listened as her Uncle P. and I gave her instructions.  My ‘Mommy Pride’ swelled and tears glistened in my eyes, as I watched her help defeat the boss at the end of the level.

Let me explain, I am a geek mom. I love to play video games, always have always will. Since becoming a single parent though, aside from Candy Crush Saga… there has been no gaming for me. By the time my daughter goes to bed and actually falls asleep; I do some clean up, write my 365, and then I am done in. Now though, my daughter and I can play a bit a few times a week. Selfish? Maybe or maybe it’s something better…

Level Complete: Achievement Unlocked
New Bonding Experience with Little Miss

I do believe that video games are alright for children, even young ones. It helps with hand-eye coordination, shape and pattern recognition, direction and works as a great team work (ie. co-operation, sharing)  experience.  There are plenty of age appropriate games on the market today, it is the parents choice as to what is appropriate for their own child.

For example: My daughter loves the LEGO movies, so I thought I would start there for video games. Yes, there is LEGO violence and little LEGO monsters get their ‘block butts kicked’. But she knows it is not good to hurt others physically in real life, she knows it hurts and it’s just not nice. So I really  don’t worry to much about that and concentrate on having fun.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman.

Depending on the day it can take me anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour to choose an outfit to wear outside the house. Even if it is just to pick up my daughter from school. Even on a good day this adventure causes tears, frustration and body issues.

I have no mirrors that show my lower half in my home. Up until two years ago, the only mirror I had was one that showed my head and shoulders. It has been  only just in the past few months that I have been able to look at my tummy and not feel loathing. Since beginning to lose weight, I see change and not stagnation, much easier to cope with.

When I put on make up I usually end up washing it all off, because I feel I’ve put to much on. At least three times…   Most times ‘wearing makeup’ for me is  clear mascara, a dusting of skin tone or light gold eyeshadow and lip gloss. I also have waist length hair, which I always keep it tightly pulled back. My daughter wants me to dye it like Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony…. I accept the challenge. Mostly because it will shake up my perceptions of myself. It will draw attention and I need to accept that getting attention is actually okay.

It’s time to come out from the shadows and learn to live in the light.

365 Days of Healthy Living

Jacqueline’s Top Five Stress Relieving Tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If something is overwhelming you, reach out and ask someone for help. This is great advice not only for emotional tasks, but physical ones as well.
  2. Make freezer meals for the bad days, because sometimes on bad days, even making dinner is a monumental feat.
  3. Turn up the music and do something physical. Personally, I clean or re-organize the furniture in my house. It occupies my thoughts and time. After less then an hour I find my stress has lessened and I feel in control again.
  4. Take at least 10 minutes each day to yourself. Focus, center, meditate, breathe, fold laundry, chat with a friend, hide in the bathroom… However you have to do it. Take 10 minutes for you.
  5. Try and remember it is not the end of the world…

If all else fails, make these…


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Now time for a healthy laugh before bed…

Until Tomorrow…


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