Day 31

365 Days of My


‘ Today was a day for pillow forts and cuddles…’

My house is a disaster and for most this would stress them out completely. There is laundry upstairs ready to be hand washed, there are a days worth of dishes stacked up in the kitchen. There are piles of blankets and books in the middle of our family room. There are toy swords leaning against stacks of books that have been toppled over; and all of the pillows have been taken off the couch. So much CHAOS!!

Here’s what I have learned though, it doesn’t matter.

The garbage is out, we have food, nothing is rotting or stinking, I know where the pets are… and we have at least one pair of underpants each.  My daughter has been under the weather this past week and honestly I want to just cuddle and spend time with her. She is miserable and needs her mom more than a clean house. Really if someone comes over and turns their nose up at the state of this place… they will be quickly escorted back to the door and shown the way out.

A child will always remember the times you spent with them and the memories made. They are not going to remember if you have a show home or a messy home.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

Okay so I have been silly and serious… and now perhaps it is time for a little saucy.

Every time I have ever had a spontaneous sexual encounter in a park or field…  I’ve been caught by a stranger.


365 Days of Healthy Living

Well this Days journal is late as I have spent the night at the hospital. I am infected , my ears, throat and sinuses and although it’s been a rough night… My sitter and I had a great laugh about being ‘Infected’ and auditioning for The Walking Dead.

But on a serious note, I need to start taking better care of myself. Sleep properly, less stress, good for my body foods… and I think this will start now. I need sleep… Good Morning everone!!

I need the funny today!!

Zombie humor: Duh, they always try to trip you up!

Until … Later today!!


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