Day 40

Today I want to build one of these…

Or these…

Either will do…

I am overwhelmed, over tired and over stimulated and so close to starting a Kickstarter to afford the ‘Wanderlust’ project.  Anyone want to come?

The Wanderlust Project:
Packing up the cats, kid and lizard. Sell everything and drive til we can’t drive any more.  Learn to love life and all the experiences that come with it. Just be free…

Great dream huh? Well that is escapism for you. Sounds great, but a most unrealistic way of dealing with stress and depression. Today has been a challenging day and I just need to remember that tomorrow things will feel differently.

Time to go pull out those proverbial big girl panties and get’er done.  I will not be controlled by my stress and blues. Grr…

Until Tomorrow, when I promise I will get back to the normal!!!


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