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Day 41

365 Days of My

Today Little Miss did not want to go to school because she was tired and her legs hurt.  Remember I love my Mondays, but I was in no mood for a fight this morning… So I caved. But there was one rule..

Rule: If she was tired,  then she needed to rest on the couch. It wasn’t playtime or jump around time. It was rest time.

The leg thing honestly baffled me, until lunchtime.  Where she ate everything, no picking at all… cleaned the plate and even went after mine too!! Then I fully understood. It’s another growth spurt, and a big one. Later she told me it hurt to always sit cross-legged like they do at school. So after she went to sleep, I sent a quick e-mail off to the teachers asking that she gets to spread her legs out a bit more when they hurt.  Problem solved…


And after a long day of helping me out with the laundry. She asked, I’d be nuts to say no. It was time for a snuggle before bed. Now she is snoring loud enough I can hear her downstairs.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

Last Mother’s Day.  I was blue and cried when I read  on Facebook how my other Mother friends had breakfast in bed, spa days and pampering. For me it was just another day… I was jealous and feeling left out.

But then I thought about it, and the way I look at it. I might not get manicures, massages and breakfast in bed one day a year, but… I don’t have to share my hugs. I get all the kisses and she tells me she loves  me a million times a day. Those are gifts enough for me.

365 Days of Healthy Living

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

1.  Cook with it, it is a good butter replacement.
2.  Stir a bit into your tea to flavour it.
3.  Warm some up to liquify it and make a yummy salad dressing.
4. Use it instead of shaving cream.
5. Use it as a hair treatment. Work 3-5T into your hair. Comb through and  leave it overnight. Rinse. Enjoy soft manageable hair.
6.  Use it as a diaper rash cream.
7. Extra Strength Moisturizer.
8. Use as an all natural daily moisturizer for face, body and lips.
9. Combine baking soda and coconut oil to make an all natural toothpaste.
10. All natural sexual lubricant.
11. Breastfeeding mothers can use this as a safe all natural nipple cream.
12. It can be used to removed gum out of hair.
13. Use it as a natural deodorant.
14. Use it to help heal small cuts and burns.
15. Use it as a massage oil.
16. Use it to remove your make up.
17. Use it to oil squeaky doors or toy wheels.
18. Apparently you can clean bronze with it.
19. They say if you mix coconut oil and peppermint oil it works as an insect repellent.
20.  Can be used in mild to moderate cases of head lice.

And now for a bedtime laugh…

redbull in my coffee

Until Tomorrow!!




Day 40

Today I want to build one of these…

Or these…

Either will do…

I am overwhelmed, over tired and over stimulated and so close to starting a Kickstarter to afford the ‘Wanderlust’ project.  Anyone want to come?

The Wanderlust Project:
Packing up the cats, kid and lizard. Sell everything and drive til we can’t drive any more.  Learn to love life and all the experiences that come with it. Just be free…

Great dream huh? Well that is escapism for you. Sounds great, but a most unrealistic way of dealing with stress and depression. Today has been a challenging day and I just need to remember that tomorrow things will feel differently.

Time to go pull out those proverbial big girl panties and get’er done.  I will not be controlled by my stress and blues. Grr…

Until Tomorrow, when I promise I will get back to the normal!!!

Day 38 and 39… Two for One Special

This was me all last night trying to manage a sticky keyboard.. It took me over an hour to write just one section. The problem seems to be at least temporarily fixed.

365 Day of My

Day 38


In an attempt to be silly and block the camera, she inadvertently made an awesome photograph.

Day 39


What does the Fox say? 

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

Day 38

I do not like passive  aggressive behavior.

I have been working very hard to stop doing that behavior, instead of simply solving problems head on.

My feeling on it now is…  Not only is it cowardly, it solves nothing and causes unnecessary drama.

Day 39

When I was a panhandler my best money making line was …

” Excuse me, could you please spare some change. My goldfish flipper has the ick and needs some medicine.” *cheeky smile

It got people to stop, think and most often laugh.


365 Days of Healthy Living

Day 38
‘After paying off everything this month this is what I have left. $80 per week for groceries and $9 for any emergency that may happen. There is additional money that comes in but it has already been allotted else where. ‘

This is the life of a single parent who lives under the poverty line. The everyday choices that you have to make to ensure your child has what they need provided for them: Food, clothing, school, medicine, creative/imaginative/educational stimulation.

Sadly that means..
1.  So no money for transportation, if I can not walk to  it we don’t go. This includes days where Little Miss misses her very early morning school bus. 7am. So we must be ready and out the door no later then 6:54am. Even in the snowy conditions I push her  on her little tricycle. If I didn’t and made her walk, we would have to leave the house by 6:48am… I know I tried a few times.
2.  So no money for clothing, I rely on hand me downs and donations for Little Miss, and she is growing like a bean!! This is why I was talking the other day about upcycling clothing, learning to sew and so on.
3.  So  no money for laundry, so I spend hours hand-washing everything. I have a bathtub, a bucket and a modified plunger. Trust me when I say…ONE of the best upper body workouts you can ever get!! Although, it is time consuming and my kitchen is the only place to hang a clothesline.
4.  So no money for fun outings…. Little Miss and I used to love going to the Museum and seeing the dinosaurs. Now I have to hold back my tears, as she cries when I tell her no, maybe next month.
5.  So no money… means added stress and anxiety with a side order of the blues.

BUT… I can sit and be upset by what we do not have or I can be happy and thankful for all I do have, because many do not have even as much as I do.

We have a roof over our heads. We have good healthy foods in the house. We have fun making up games or just cuddling watching a movie or reading a book. We both love to be unique,  so we are both looking forward to designing our own clothing. We are doing alright.

Instead of dwelling and getting upset, which just ends up in me falling into a depression. I tried hard each day to look at the positive side of things, a difficult thing indeed. Then one day I was hit in the head by an inspiration ah-ha! moment… It’s a wacky crazy idea, but if  successful  it will be community and life changing. It’s going to take planning, and careful decisions and funding. At this point though I am ready for the challenge.

I am not ready to accept that this will be my life, but no one can change my life but me… and I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Day 39

Healthy Dessert Options… for the whole family!

Soy Free, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free  Paleo ‘Reese’s’ Cheesecake
Paleo Reese's Cheesecake with Fauxreo Crust


Dark Chocolate Paleo Mousse Hearts
Processed with VSCOcam


You know what… I am drooling trying to choose the desserts to offer up. So how about you just head on over to Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind, Sweet Life/Desserts… Here’s the link. Please enjoy!!

Now for a before bedtime laugh…

Until Tomorrow!!

Day 37

365 Days of My


Today Little Miss went back to school. I was nervous we would have tears of tiredness when she got off the bus, thankfully she was full of smiles. Sadly there were no stories as today was TOP SECRET!

It was a happy day and T. missed her. At least she let me know that much.  I love my mini-me.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

A few days ago I mentioned in my confession that I did not like change. It goes right up there with surprises, both of which give me severe anxiety. My reluctance for change though has always damaged my happiness quota. The following are some examples of how…

1. I fear trying new places, for example restaurants. I always have had my ‘safe spots’ where I know the food, the layout, the atmosphere is right… There is a list of things. Going somewhere new intimidates me and causes me a lot of anxiety.

2. I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past year on how my subconscious negative quirks impact my life. One thing I have battled for almost my whole life, is my weight. I find I frequently sabotage my own attempts to lose weight. This causes a spiral effect that bumps me all the way back to the starting point, which means… No change. Physically or emotionally.

3. Many times I have times I have gotten stuck in negative situations because I am to nervous to make the necessary change to remove the negative from my life. This has caused me the greatest amount of pain and upset to be honest.

Well, it’s time to stop digging in my heels… My shoes are worn through.

Although it scares me to no end, I am pulling up my big girl panties once more, holding my head up high and charging head first at the situation.

Things need to change around here!

Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes

A few articles from The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/fear-of-change

365 Days of Healthy Living

De-cluttering your life is a necessity after a while and can have many benefits.

De-Cluttering you Home:
So ask yourself this.. do you really need three sets of dishes? How about a million glasses? 17 pairs of shoes? Three tents? 673 toys that are never played with? Or how about the stack of boxes that haven’t been opened in year that hold ‘Precious memories’ collection dust in storage?

I did and my answer was simple… No.

So I began the purge yesterday. In no way will I ever be a minimalist, but getting us down to ‘Just enough’ is my goal. I am tired of the clutter that takes up so much of my time everyday trying to combat. I would rather have just enough stuff, if it means I get more time with my daughter during the day or even just be able to invite guests over without having to feel bad that my home is so cluttered.

De-Cluttering your Life:
So here is the hard one, this one involves bigger changes then donating a few items to Value Village. This one involves really looking at your life and again purging the things that cause the most negativity in your life.

Sometimes this could be a habit, a person, going to a certain place, a family member, a fear… It takes a lot of thought and is never easy.  Then it takes a lot of courage and willpower to follow through on the purge.  It’s never a nice feeling to walk away from someone or some where that makes you feel wanted, but sometimes it is necessary to bringing joy back into your life.

De-Cluttering your mind and body:De-cluttering your body, by this I mean eating healthy, getting rest and exercise.  It’s shown now that just making small changes to your diet earlier in life… can help prevent things like heart attacks in the future. Sounds good to me!

Home cooked healthy meals do not take hours to make, you can have great tasting homemade (not prepackaged) family food in 20-30 minutes. This can also be used as a ‘family time’. Have family help out cooking, setting the table or just talking… No technology!! Just old fashioned family time.

De-cluttering your mind involves taking control of your stress and fears. I have started a journal, and write down daily what caused me stress and fear. It helps to remove those thought from my mind and I can review it later and try and determine the WHY triggers behind it, and come up with solutions.

And now for a bedtime laugh…

We are big into My Little Pony in this house. Mostly the villains though. Have I mentioned I love love love my daughter? Well I do.

Until Tomorrow!!

Day 36

365  Days of My

Today Little Miss was all better. I even got a smile first thing in the morning!!!


So guess who’s  off to school tomorrow!!
I’m going to clean the house!! WOOHOO!!

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

A lot of Little Misses plush toys were mine… I still get feelings of possessiveness when I see her playing with them roughly and want to take them away and say “Mine”.  I never have and I never will… But the feeling is there.

365 Days of Healthy Living

Lately I have been trying to figure out ways to cut corners on costs, and while I might be good at painting and my sculpting. I am no seamstress. I have been hearing about upcycling clothing, and I really need to try this.  I have challenged myself to really learn, beyond the basics of sewing, embroidery, arm knitting and nålebinding.

What is Upcycling?
Basic Hand Sewing Tutorial:
Embroidery: How to Videos, multiple stitches
Arm Knitting Tutorial:

Nålebinding: Oslo Stitch

I am hoping to soften the summer clothes expenses by making a lot of Little Miss and my own clothing from things we already have. That way money can be set aside for when the new school year comes, with all of it’s expenses. In these times it really is hard to be a parent, single or otherwise when it comes to affording it all.  So instead of worrying or whining, I’m going to find a way to make everything alright. I think it will be fun!!

So how is all this  healthy aside from saving some money?  Well I need a distraction from the internet. I intend shortly to almost completely unplug. I am going to allow myself 1 hour of internet sometime between 7am-3pm. Then after my daughter goes to bed, I will allow myself 2 hours to write up my blog posting and check up on social media to see how people are doing.  I need the disconnection, I need to reconnect with the real world.  These projects will give me something to do in my limited free time… something that is not being connected.

And now for a before bedtime laugh…

There has been a lot of this movie (Disney, Frozen) playing in the house over our sick days. The Grumpy Cat version is funny too…

Until Tomorrow!!

Welcome to February, Day 32

365 Days of My

Little Miss did not feel like having her picture today and I can understand and respect that.  The poor wee thing has been very sick now since last Monday night. She seemed to have been getting better over the past few days, but then today again her fever shot up past 100oF.  I  got her cooled off and medicine into her, and she is resting now. Tomorrow though it’s off to the doctors office or Children’s Hospital, whoever can see us.  With both of us sick and out of commission, we need solutions and we need them now.  So instead of a picture today, she chose three of her favorite pictures from her past.


“Rainbow Girl. Age: 3”


“Rainy Day Puddle Jumper, Age 2”


“Rainbow Dash Cos-Play, Age: 4”

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

I was once approached by CSIS to feed them information about certain white supremacist people and organizations around Ontario.

Weeks prior to this encounter, I had had the every living tar beaten out of me… for being nothing more then against racism. So, I agreed to get them as much as I could… one time only, for vengeance sake. Then I wanted nothing more to do with it. I wasn’t willing to risk my life.

So I went back to the house, wrote down all the addresses and phone numbers from my roommates phone book. I collected all of the Heritage Front propaganda, meeting times and places and literature. I wrote down names of those I knew affiliated… and then I called up the agents, met them for coffee and gave it all over.  So for a brief moment I can say I was a informant to a spy.

365 Days of Healthy Living

I am so tired now that I have fallen asleep three times already. So I will leave you with one of my favorite TED talks.

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life: http://youtu.be/lfBpsV1Hwqs

And now for a good laugh before bed…



Until Tomorrow!!


Taking the Plunge: From Facebook to the World.

Realizing my life was spiraling out of control at the end of 2013, I decided to put on my big girl panties and make a change.  I needed to be happy and healthy to raise my daughter and enjoy life, but I wasn’t. I was a wreck from depression, stress and anxiety, self loathing and pity.  Things had to change and only I had to the control to do it.  So I am…

The 365 day project is something I began on Facebook January 1st, 2014.  A personal journey to improving my life as a whole through, spirituality, food, family and friends, laughter and the telling of secrets. Now though I am taking my project from Facebook, to the better suited format of a Blog.

Project 1 – 365 Days of My

Memories are cherished things and children do grow up so quickly. My daughter started school in September and now comes home talking about the boy she loves and is going to marry.  So I have started to take a daily picture of her and post them to Instagram.  It’s amazing to watch my mini-me grow up; but as a mother I wish sometimes, I could just stop the clock and hold my little baby.

365 Days of My - Day 3 Day9 Day22

(Top) Day 3: Making soup at Granny’s house.  (Center) Day 9: Grumpy Puss (Bottom) Day 22: Scream, we’re taking a picture. 

Project Two: 365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

I put a challenge on myself this year to only speak in truth, not only to others but to myself.  We all hide secrets, things we think are embarrassing or if you share, people will think you’re nuts. Well on January the first, I flung my closet of secrets wide open and started throwing out my skeletons… on Facebook. It is terrifying to bear your ‘soul’ to (171) folk around you, and yet so liberating all at the same time.

So, Why am I doing it? Because admitting my fears, anxieties, dislikes and embarrassing moments is freeing. It helps me to release the ‘negative’ aspects in my life through little A-HA! moments.  From the silly to the cathartic… I am talking about it all.

365 days of Truth
Confessions of a Mad Woman

Day 1:

I am terrified of confrontation and speaking up for myself or in defense of my opinions. I find I get used and walked on because, I will not speak out when something bothers me. I really hate this about myself.’
Day 6:
I envy larger women who are comfortable and accepting of their bodies. I hate my body on the best of days. I have battled eating disorders, starving myself for weeks, fad diets… have no mirrors that show my lower half at all. I accept that I will never be able to accept ‘big is beautiful’ for myself. Instead I am now working to healthily shrink the skin I am in. Telling big people to love or accept themselves for who they are… Does not help. If someone is unhappy in their body, they won’t be happy with it until they are able to change it
Day 24:
‘I was just freshly 17, it was New Years eve, and we had gone to Hull to celebrate. DJ L. was blasting out some great music of the times, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, O Fortuna… It was a good night. I kept bumping into this pretty cute guy, in the line at the bar, line to the washrooms, watching our friends coats as they were on the dance floor. He had been wearing a Dead Kennedy’s shirt, one of my favourite bands. So we had started talking about the punk and industrial music scenes, then about ourselves. He was from Poland, only here to visit family, loved punk more then the industrial, and was also in the bar illegally. Well as Midnight moved closer, we could no longer hear what each other was saying, so he went to find his family and I went to join my friends on the dance floor.  Just as Midnight was about to strike, I went over to get I think my cigarettes from my purse. Then the countdown started, 5… I got a crazy idea. 4… I downed the last of my beer for courage. 3… Breath check. 2… Nerves, backing out. 1… No time like the present. At 12am, I kissed this boy whose name I didn’t even know… at 12:03am he finished kissing me. It was one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced, I was weak in the knees. We both just looked at each other for a moment. Smiled and went our separate ways. We never even knew each others names. We didn’t see each other again, I assume he went back to Poland and settled… But to me he will always be the boy I shared a passionate moment with on my 17th birthday.

Project Three – 365 Days of Healthy Living

I have been doing a lot of research into healthy eating can help with conditions such as chronic pain, depression, autism and stress and anxiety. I have all of these, and due to prolonged use of medications many now are just not effective without larger dosages. Remember that whole I want to enjoy life, well you can’t when you’re walking around like a drooling zombie.

Now I am not advocating this over medicines. Although for myself I have noticed since I began eating a modified Paleo/Autism diet my stress and anxiety is more manageable, my aches and pains from depression are fading and less and less noticeable each day, I have more energy and am all around a much happier person. The weight loss is just gravy on top of all this honestly.

It has also helped my daughter and my relationship to not be doing the delivery anymore.  At four my daughter loves to cook, so do I. So each night we make supper together creating a new special family time away from technology, to just talk and giggle about things in her day.

The Following recipe is a favourite in our house, and has replaced the traditional baked potato. We get creative with our avocados now all thanks to the inspiration of the Baked Eggacado!

 Baked Eggocado

Yield: Serves 2 to 3

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 to 18 minutes


3 large ripe avocados
3 large eggs
Red Pepper Flakes
Chili Powder
White Cheddar Cheese
Lemon juice


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Take avocado and cut in half and remove pit. Drizzle a little bit of lemon juice on top to keep it from turning brown. On the bottom of the skin side, slice a little off the skin so the avocado lays flat. Do this to all of the avocados. After you’re done, whisk eggs in a small bowl. Spoon some of the whisked egg into the well of the avocado (it doesn’t take very much so be careful not to overfill). Garnish the tops with whatever your heart desires – cumin, cheese, red pepper flakes, etc.

Place the eggocados onto the baking sheet. Bake for about 15 to 18 minutes or until the egg looks completely cooked through. Enjoy!

This Recipe can be found at: http://www.climbinggriermountain.com/2013/04/foodie-fridays-baked-eggocado.html

Also as a last warning, I like to laugh. Be prepared for T-Rex shaming…