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Day 37

365 Days of My


Today Little Miss went back to school. I was nervous we would have tears of tiredness when she got off the bus, thankfully she was full of smiles. Sadly there were no stories as today was TOP SECRET!

It was a happy day and T. missed her. At least she let me know that much.  I love my mini-me.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

A few days ago I mentioned in my confession that I did not like change. It goes right up there with surprises, both of which give me severe anxiety. My reluctance for change though has always damaged my happiness quota. The following are some examples of how…

1. I fear trying new places, for example restaurants. I always have had my ‘safe spots’ where I know the food, the layout, the atmosphere is right… There is a list of things. Going somewhere new intimidates me and causes me a lot of anxiety.

2. I’ve done a lot of thinking over the past year on how my subconscious negative quirks impact my life. One thing I have battled for almost my whole life, is my weight. I find I frequently sabotage my own attempts to lose weight. This causes a spiral effect that bumps me all the way back to the starting point, which means… No change. Physically or emotionally.

3. Many times I have times I have gotten stuck in negative situations because I am to nervous to make the necessary change to remove the negative from my life. This has caused me the greatest amount of pain and upset to be honest.

Well, it’s time to stop digging in my heels… My shoes are worn through.

Although it scares me to no end, I am pulling up my big girl panties once more, holding my head up high and charging head first at the situation.

Things need to change around here!

Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes

A few articles from The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/fear-of-change

365 Days of Healthy Living

De-cluttering your life is a necessity after a while and can have many benefits.

De-Cluttering you Home:
So ask yourself this.. do you really need three sets of dishes? How about a million glasses? 17 pairs of shoes? Three tents? 673 toys that are never played with? Or how about the stack of boxes that haven’t been opened in year that hold ‘Precious memories’ collection dust in storage?

I did and my answer was simple… No.

So I began the purge yesterday. In no way will I ever be a minimalist, but getting us down to ‘Just enough’ is my goal. I am tired of the clutter that takes up so much of my time everyday trying to combat. I would rather have just enough stuff, if it means I get more time with my daughter during the day or even just be able to invite guests over without having to feel bad that my home is so cluttered.

De-Cluttering your Life:
So here is the hard one, this one involves bigger changes then donating a few items to Value Village. This one involves really looking at your life and again purging the things that cause the most negativity in your life.

Sometimes this could be a habit, a person, going to a certain place, a family member, a fear… It takes a lot of thought and is never easy.  Then it takes a lot of courage and willpower to follow through on the purge.  It’s never a nice feeling to walk away from someone or some where that makes you feel wanted, but sometimes it is necessary to bringing joy back into your life.

De-Cluttering your mind and body:De-cluttering your body, by this I mean eating healthy, getting rest and exercise.  It’s shown now that just making small changes to your diet earlier in life… can help prevent things like heart attacks in the future. Sounds good to me!

Home cooked healthy meals do not take hours to make, you can have great tasting homemade (not prepackaged) family food in 20-30 minutes. This can also be used as a ‘family time’. Have family help out cooking, setting the table or just talking… No technology!! Just old fashioned family time.

De-cluttering your mind involves taking control of your stress and fears. I have started a journal, and write down daily what caused me stress and fear. It helps to remove those thought from my mind and I can review it later and try and determine the WHY triggers behind it, and come up with solutions.

And now for a bedtime laugh…

We are big into My Little Pony in this house. Mostly the villains though. Have I mentioned I love love love my daughter? Well I do.

Until Tomorrow!!