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Day 33

365 Days of My

Well after a long, long day at CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) we are back home.  Little Miss has one of the many strains of flu that are floating about. Although they did test for other possibilities, results available in a couple of days.  Until then it’s Tylenol, Advil, Ventalin (Blue Inhaler) and Flovent (Orange Inhaler) and to Little Misses displeasure, no school.

(Parents Note)
1. I didn’t know this, you can give your child both Children’s Advil and Children’s Tylenol together. **–> Although contact your doctor first to ask about timing and dosages. <–**
2. Unless your child has a fever of over 100oF, it’s not considered a fever. 100-102oF is considered a moderate fever and 103-104oF is when you need to worry.
3. Do not be concerned if your little one doesn’t want to eat.. Be concerned about not drinking and becoming dehydrated.
4. An ear thermometer is one of the least reliable temperature taking methods.  Under the tongue or in the bum are the most reliable forms of taking your child’s temperature.

The writing of this blog was just put on hold by Little Misses fever spiking to 103.9oF. Took me almost an hour, but it is back down to a more manageable 100.1oF and tears have once again been replaced by smiles. We’re curled on the couch together, she is watching Ninjago and I am typing … and secretly hoping this is the beginning of the end to this ‘ick’ that has made my little light so miserable.

So again she has asked to not have her picture put up for everyone to see. Instead she has chosen for us to highlight my other ‘Children’.  So I am pleased to introduce…


Toothless, our Mali Uromastyx.’


‘George D. Fancypants and Mr. Flakes’


‘Endora ‘Dorrie’ Doodles’

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

I once tried to cheat on a high school math exam. I wrote out some of the mathematical formulas that gave me the hardest time. I still failed…

1. Don’t cheat, just study. If you still do not understand something, ask someone to try and explain it again.
2. If you are going to write something on a body part… make sure your pen of choice is waterproof!!
3. If you have a breakdown about your pen smearing on your skin due to sweat… Do it after the exam, and not when guilt of your actions cause you to blubber a confession to the moderator.

I was not punished as I had not been able to complete the cheat and came clean without being asked. I was however allowed to retake the exam again. I still failed. Math is just not for me…

Funny thing is, that years later when I became a teacher overseas. I was known for how strict I ran my class room and my great disapproval of cheating.  I tried it only that once and learned I was only doing myself harm by cheating. It is better to honestly try and fail, then to cheat and get false success.

365 Healthy Living

Breakfast, it’s apparently the most important meal of the day.  Here are a few yummy recipe ideas to help kick start your day!

Prosciutto Bowlshttp://accidentalchefm.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/prosciutto-bowls.html

Sweet Potato Cinnamon-Hashieshttp://www.wholefamilystrong.com/2012/01/24/whole-family-sweet-potato-cinnamon-hashies/

Chai Pumpkin Bread http://paleomg.com/chai-pumpkin-bread/

So go enjoy your breakfast!!

The Sunday Soapbox

R*dskins logo and name needs to be changed… Like yesterday.
Watch this. It was very well done. The people who made it did not have the money to have it aired during Superbowl Sunday. So instead I made it my mission today to make it go viral… and share it everywhere I could.

The Milky Way Project needs your help!!
Do you have a love of Science and Astronomy? Then the Milky Way Project is definitely for you. Go and check them out!

‘The Milky Way Galaxy is massive!

There’s no way we could do this on our own. We need the help of the public to classify the thousands of images we have on file. If all 900,000 of our members classified a few images, we’d be done in no time!’

I am PRO-VACCINATION and Autistic!
No, I do not believe that my parents making the right choice in vaccinating me led to me having Autism.  Actually when I hear people saying things like that it angers me A LOT!  So why is Autism on the rise? Maybe it’s not, maybe it is because awareness has made it easier to diagnose with in people? So maybe with more freedom to information and awareness, it’s just more commonly found now.  I am not sure,  it is something that interests me though.
As for vaccinating, I am a Vaxer and proud. I have seen the damage Polio did to my Aunt, who still suffers daily with Post-Polio Syndrome. I have seen children get sick and die in third world countries from diseases that I had been vaccinated for.  I have also see a friend in agony because his parents did not vaccinate him… and then he contracted Rubella while teaching English in Asia.  If you think for any reason that you or your children are safe from the dangerous diseases out there… Watch and Think again.


and this..

And now for some laughter before bed. Today I dedicate these to Chris Hadfield for inspiring my daughter to want to learn about Space and all the mysteries it holds…


Until Tomorrow!!


Day 29

365 Days of My

Well Little Miss stayed home today, her tonsils are still swollen but her fever broke in the night.  I’m keeping her home tomorrow as well.. there’s more Ninjago to watch and popsicles to eat!


Snuggled under her new found blankie watching Ninjago. Normally she would be high kicking along side the television. This is how I know the Missus is sick.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

When I was fourteen I started grade nine. I was hoping for a fresh start, something new and exciting from the Hel of primary school. I should have known better, it took one day for all the same bullpoop to start again. I was constantly bullied about my clothing, my lazy eye, being in the learning disability Unit, being plump… I remember by my second week at high school I wanted to dropout.

Instead… I fell in with the wrong crowd. River Phoenix posters were replaced with Sid Vicious. I began to withdraw and become very angry. My clothing went to dark colours and thrown together with little care. I stopped showering and caring for my body. I began smoking cigarettes. I began smoking pot. I took acid. I got in fights…

And after only three weeks in High school, I began cutting.

When I cut myself, I felt my stress and sadness bleed out.  In the beginning it was just a few nicks here and there. By the end, I was cutting from my knuckles to my shoulder blades.  Lines, circles, band names, you name it and I cut it into my skin.

I really can not tell you why I started. I had never seen anyone else do it, I hadn’t seen it on television. It really was one day my razor split and I pulled out a blade. I looked at it and I had an urge to cut. So I did. My cutting lasted for a few months, then I just stopped as suddenly as I started.  I cut myself many time after this first episode, but I can thankfully say I have been cut free now for 15 years.

Information on Cutting can be found at:
‘One study of Canadian youth found that almost 2 out of every 10 youth aged 14-21 had hurt themselves on purpose at one time or another. Self-injury behaviours usually start between 13 and 15 years of age, and happen most often in teenagers and young adults. Self-harm behaviours are twice as common in girls and young women, compared to males.’
Found on the CHEO – Self Harm website: http://www.cheo.on.ca/en/self-harm

365 Days of Healthy Living

Yummy Noodle Alternatives: Taking all grains out of your life can be hard especially if your of a lower income bracket like myself. Removing gluten and grains removes pasta and rice, which are both cheap quick meals.  Although as I found in my quest to yet again enjoy spaghetti there are plenty of noodle replacement ideas.

I have tried many vegetable replacements. The ones my daughter has been most receptive to is: Spaghetti Squash and zucchini.  Spaghetti Squash can easily be turned into it’s namesake and is rather yummy!! Zucchini depending on how you cut it can be turned into lasagna noodles, fettuccine noodle and with some finesse ravioli pockets. Although the last one needs cheese to hold it together but is super yummy!! Although lately I have been looking for something that is more of a pasta texture and so I have turned to nut flours.

Here are some of my finds:
38 Suggestions on Using Vegetables as Noodles. http://paleogrubs.com/pasta-recipes
Non-Gluten/Grain Pasta Recipe: http://www.paleocupboard.com/paleo-pasta.html
And now for some bedtime humor…

Until Tomorrow!