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Day 35

365 Day of My

Little Miss told me a story today…
“Once upon a time, there were many many metal warriors.
Their job was to protect the magical golden arrow.
Many bad guys came to steal the arrow, but the warriors beat them.
Then one day a bad bad man came, and he killed the warriors. Then they went over the bridge to the hall where Odin was waiting.
That’s it! ”

Then she shot me with an toy arrow and smiled!

Yup, she is defiantly on the mend from the flu.  Which is good, because on top of my dual ear infection. I think I may be coming down with her flu.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman

I am a COMPLETE Control Freak.

I am completely disorganized and lose everything.

I do not like change at all.

I suck at any money management skills.

I am a master procrastinator.

Five things that need to be changed.

Please refer to point three. *head desk*


365 Days of Healthy Living

According to some sources smiles and looking at baby animals can help add time to your life. So I’d like to give you some life back…

Baby Bacon

This little chap seems so happy!

I can FLY!

…and just to add the last bit of mana. Please  enjoy this video from he Toronto Zoo of a baby Polar Bear going in the snow for the first time.


And now for some bedtime laughter…

Until Tomorrow!!


Day 30

365 Days of My

I was going to talk about stress and stress management tricks for a parent. But, then this happened…


‘ Well in this in this house, They say… A geek mothers heart swelled three sizes this day.’

We have been gifted by the fates a Ps3 and Little Miss had been nagging at me all day to set it up. When I finally set it up and her Uncle P. was here. It was time to play, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Uncle P. was Ironman, and Little Miss chose her favourite, The Hulk. The game was on… She was a natural and listened as her Uncle P. and I gave her instructions.  My ‘Mommy Pride’ swelled and tears glistened in my eyes, as I watched her help defeat the boss at the end of the level.

Let me explain, I am a geek mom. I love to play video games, always have always will. Since becoming a single parent though, aside from Candy Crush Saga… there has been no gaming for me. By the time my daughter goes to bed and actually falls asleep; I do some clean up, write my 365, and then I am done in. Now though, my daughter and I can play a bit a few times a week. Selfish? Maybe or maybe it’s something better…

Level Complete: Achievement Unlocked
New Bonding Experience with Little Miss

I do believe that video games are alright for children, even young ones. It helps with hand-eye coordination, shape and pattern recognition, direction and works as a great team work (ie. co-operation, sharing)  experience.  There are plenty of age appropriate games on the market today, it is the parents choice as to what is appropriate for their own child.

For example: My daughter loves the LEGO movies, so I thought I would start there for video games. Yes, there is LEGO violence and little LEGO monsters get their ‘block butts kicked’. But she knows it is not good to hurt others physically in real life, she knows it hurts and it’s just not nice. So I really  don’t worry to much about that and concentrate on having fun.

365 Days of Truth, Confessions of a Mad Woman.

Depending on the day it can take me anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour to choose an outfit to wear outside the house. Even if it is just to pick up my daughter from school. Even on a good day this adventure causes tears, frustration and body issues.

I have no mirrors that show my lower half in my home. Up until two years ago, the only mirror I had was one that showed my head and shoulders. It has been  only just in the past few months that I have been able to look at my tummy and not feel loathing. Since beginning to lose weight, I see change and not stagnation, much easier to cope with.

When I put on make up I usually end up washing it all off, because I feel I’ve put to much on. At least three times…   Most times ‘wearing makeup’ for me is  clear mascara, a dusting of skin tone or light gold eyeshadow and lip gloss. I also have waist length hair, which I always keep it tightly pulled back. My daughter wants me to dye it like Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony…. I accept the challenge. Mostly because it will shake up my perceptions of myself. It will draw attention and I need to accept that getting attention is actually okay.

It’s time to come out from the shadows and learn to live in the light.

365 Days of Healthy Living

Jacqueline’s Top Five Stress Relieving Tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If something is overwhelming you, reach out and ask someone for help. This is great advice not only for emotional tasks, but physical ones as well.
  2. Make freezer meals for the bad days, because sometimes on bad days, even making dinner is a monumental feat.
  3. Turn up the music and do something physical. Personally, I clean or re-organize the furniture in my house. It occupies my thoughts and time. After less then an hour I find my stress has lessened and I feel in control again.
  4. Take at least 10 minutes each day to yourself. Focus, center, meditate, breathe, fold laundry, chat with a friend, hide in the bathroom… However you have to do it. Take 10 minutes for you.
  5. Try and remember it is not the end of the world…

If all else fails, make these…


Found at:  http://thepaleobelle.wordpress.com/paleo-recipes/

Now time for a healthy laugh before bed…

Until Tomorrow…

Day 28

365 Days of My

When I went to pick up Little Miss from her school bus this afternoon, she was all bright and cheerful. Laughing about how she and some other kids were playing … ‘Fat’ earlier at school.

The Game of Fat… Do exactly what you normally do, but turn your backpacks around on your tummy so you look like you have a belly.

I knelt down and started to tell her the same lines.. “Sweetie making fun of people because of their size…” She cut me off mid-sentence, normally this would have something said about interrupting, but her words were perfectly said. ” We weren’t making fun of fat people. we don’t have tummy’s and we wanted to have one. That’s not bad, right?” Yup, schooled by my on four year old. Why could she not want to have a belly?  I needed to remember at that moment, that although I do not like my body the way it is… I could not let that affect my daughters perceptions of herself. So I laughed “You are right, you weren’t making fun of anyone. Do you think we can find another word to use though instead of Fat?”  We have both now started to say Plump, because it made us giggle to say over and over.

Although my bright eyed girl dulled when we got home. She just lay on the couch and did not move… This was a sign that she was getting under the weather. When she complained of being cold, I knew it was time to take her temperature. 101.9oC!?! She was fine not five minutes before!


Tylenol has been given, many a Popsicle have been consumed for her throat and now she is sleeping with only a fever of 99.1oC.  The schools already been called that she won’t be there, and I am planning an in bed video watching day, after we get back from the doctors.

365 Days of Truth – Confessions of a Mad Woman

Before I start I want to share a few links…

Canada – http://www.partnersformh.ca/resources/find-help/crisis-centres-across-canada/

United States – http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/mental-health-helpline

United Kingdom – http://www.depressionalliance.org/community/useful-contacts.php

and lastly…


Now on to my confession:  I woke up this morning and looked on my Facebook. My newsfeed was covered in Bell ‘Let’s Talk’. Now,  I think Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ is a great idea!! I love that they are helping speak up on a topic that many are still ignorant or turn a blind eye towards. Mental Health and Depression.  I love that the charity raises a lot of money towards helping mental health initiatives and helping people all across Canada.  Here’s what I don’t like though and never have

Why is it, that it takes rock-stars, TV stars, Olympians and hockey players talking about their own experiences with depression and mental health issues publicly before a larger audience will listen? Even then the ‘mass effect’ still only lasts for a few days, and for a few days out of every year it’s alright for people to talk about their depression or mental health issues.

Then the ‘cool’ fades and everyone goes silent again…

Crickets chirruping and tumble weeds rolling by quiet…

Depression and mental health does not just magically come and go for those three days. If it did, I really don’t think Depression and Mental Health would be the issue. No, sadly it’s there for the full 365 days of each and every year.

We need that same kind of motivation for advocating Mental Health issues 365 Days a year and not just one day. We need to let people know it’s okay to talk about the darker places with out fear of dismissal or ridicule.  It needs to be okay to ask for help, before it is to late.  Things need to change and that takes more then just one celebrity filled day.

Mental Health Statistic in Canada
‘In 2012, approximately 2.8 million people, or 10.1% of Canadians aged 15 and older, reported symptoms consistent with at least one of six mental or substance use disorders in the past 12 months.’                     http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/130918/dq130918a-eng.htm

Okay so this was more of a personal rant then confession, but at least I admitted that I disliked something… Yes I am reaching at straws.

Please Note 365 Days of Healthy Living will be postponed til tomorrow when you will get a double dose. It is not easy to be a single mum taking care of a sick mini-me and sometimes you need to cut things out of the plan. Thank you for being understanding!!

Just remember the wisdom the Rex…


Until tomorrow…

Day 27

365 Days of My

Today was an adventure. Little Miss began her day by loudly proclaiming after almost twelve hours of sleep, that she was still tired and needed more. I felt her forehead, checked her temperature, felt her throat.  Nope, she was fine and it was Monday… Time for school. Most people have a negative relationship with Monday. Personally as a single mom, I love my Mondays. I rest in the mornings, although this morning I had an appointment. Then I ‘clean up’ the house a little, my mantra is “If it don’t stink and it’s not rotting, the garbage is taken out, everyone has clean underpants and is bathed. Then we’re fine.” I’d rather spend my time with my daughter, who I see a grand total of 3.5 hours before I put her to bed just to repeat it again tomorrow.

When I went to pick her up, she got off the bus in tears. I knelt down and asked her what was wrong, trying to wipe up her tears before they turned to icicles and she got frostbite. She bravely with quivering lip got out through her tears, that she had left Uh-Oh at school.


Uh-Oh is a a cherished member of our family, seriously if we got a family photo Uh-Oh would be front and center. I have braved gale force winds and thunder and lightening to search for Uh-Oh. We needed to rescue Uh-Oh, and in the process go and get Little Miss yet another pair of shoes for school. Third pair this year, they had better last! I knew I was going to be to pooped to really make dinner when we got home, so instead we dined at the fine establishment of McDonalds. This is where I got the shot for today’s posting.


She was playing with her reflection, having a conversation and lamenting how she doesn’t have a twin.


365 Days of Truth: Confessions of a Mad Woman

Today was a long and adventurous day, my brain is not letting all it’s neurons fire. So for today’s confession I thought I would do a few Top 5 lists…

Top Five Fears: 1. Moths. I’ve done a confession on this one already.  2.  What is after death? This one terrifies me. I am religious and have my own beliefs, and yes that should comfort me some… but it doesn’t.  3. Heights. I suffer from extreme vertigo, dizziness, vomiting the whole package. Sadly this was discovered on a very narrow sheep trail pretty high up a steep hill on the Isle of Skye.  4. Loosing my daughter… I think this one needs no explanation.  5.  End of the world talk. Yes this terrifies me and I do not like participating in End of World scenario talks.

Top Five Likes:  1.  Playing video games, although I don’t get to have a lot of time to do this anymore. Although I find video games to be very helpful with more stressful days.  2. The study of Norse religion, mythology and mysticism.  3.  All types of cooking, I am really into trying to learn about historical recipes and cooking techniques.  4.  Camping, has always been a release for me. When I younger I didn’t speak, until my parents took me camping. I came out of my shell in the wilds and I that is still the same today.  5.  Music, I love music I can warble along to as I shake my boo-tay.

Top Five Hardest Things for me to Do: 1.  Take a compliment. I have been known to tell a person to shut up when they were just simply giving me a compliment.  2.  Get dressed, without changing at least 5 times.  3.  Articulate what I wish to say over the Internet. Dude these posts can take up to three hours due to re-writing until my thoughts are clear.   4. Throw away anything with a memory associated to it. I had best take up scrap-booking soon or win the lottery and buy a house.  5.  Not take things personally…

365 Days of Healthy  Living

As we all know I went to McDonalds for dinner. I am not going to talk about the effects of healthy eating, when I had a McDonalds for dinner. Just doesn’t seem right…

However the more I thought about it, the more I felt justified to say this was a ‘Healthy Living’ experience. My daughter and I got to spend time, laughing, talking and being silly. We sang songs as we danced in our seats and had a wonderful night. We were in our own bubble together, no technology, no distractions, just her, I and our hamburgers.

Here is what we were going to have for dinner though. Enjoy!


For more Yummy recipe ideas like this one you can go to: http://thepaleobelle.wordpress.com/paleo-recipes/

And now for some bedtime humour…


Found @:  http://www.memecenter.com/fun/1654859/misunderstood-t-rex